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What's Going on at The Backdoor at Roxy's?

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Thus far Peter Glick has shared very few details about his new bar and restaurant, The Backdoor at Roxy's, located around the corner from his longstanding Roxy's Diner. However the doors open tonight at 6 p.m. and it's clear that the former Rain City Video address has undergone a significant transformation. A painted sign points patrons toward the entrance, which somehow manages to be nondescript despite its purple paint job. The lack of windows or signage suggests a sort of speakeasy or supper club vibe. The interior looks particularly intriguing, based on these photos local photographer John Cornicello posted on his blog.

Whatever the specifics, it's clear that The Backdoor is a departure from the daytime goings-on at Roxy's Diner, and Glick's established reputation as a master of pastrami. A recent Craiglist posting promises "good food and drinks" in a funky new space. The lone Yelp review says the menu offers "a nice range of small plates and larger entrees," including a cheese plate with housemade crackers, pickled veggies and a sausage dish. There's also talk of all-you-can-eat pork rib dinners on Sunday.

Back when Rain City Video closed its doors, Glick told Fremont Universe the space would be called Roxy's After Dark, and said the restaurant and bar would be "very theatrical, very fun and very Fremont.” More details soon.

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