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It's Here! Hanna Raskin Hits Up Revel for Debut Review

Yessssssss. Hanna Raskin drops her first-ever formal review for Seattle Weekly in today's issue, adding her voice to the cacophony of praise for Rachel Yang's casual Fremont restaurant. While she acknowledges that Revel's opening was kindofabigdeal due to local adulation for Yang and her husband Seif Chirchi over at Joule, Raskin proclaims "the food at Revel is good enough to win over diners who have never eaten at the Wallingford restaurant and know little of the chefs' background." She lavishes her praise on everything from cocktails to dessert, even the condiments, finding only the dumplings "in need of remedial attention." Though she wasn't wild about the duck meatballs either. The tradeoff for the menu's friendly prices--perpetual understaffing.

A safe choice of restaurant? Sure. But in her debut effort, Raskin stays refreshingly on topic throughout. Damn, it feels good to have a steady restaurant reviewer in Seattle again.
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