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New Late-Night Service Delivers Snacks and Booze

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A new home delivery service, has begun delivering beer, wine, food and even cigarettes in Ballard and Fremont (we know we should call it Fre-lard, but we kinda like Thrillist's coinage of Fre-Bal instead). According to Fremont Universe, this brainchild of Ballard resident Noel Davenport is currently available Thursday through Saturday, during the eminently munchies-inducing hours of 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. No booze after 2 a.m. though.

The list of items available for delivery is indeed, the type of stuff you'll stoop to in the wee hours of the weekend. Think cup noodles, Doritos and six-packs of Coors tallboys. State law also requires customers to show proper ID for alcohol and tobacco, and if you're buying booze you've got to pre-pay via credit card when placing your order.
· For Those With Munchies, Can Help [Fremont Universe]
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[Image via Facebook]