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World Debut of Geoduck Ice Cream; Nell's Offers Lunch

ALLYN—Our first-ever geoduck festival, happening this weekend, was getting some major press even before Hanna Raskin announced a seemingly inevitable collision of a national food trend and a Northwest favorite. Two flavors of geoduck ice cream will make an "international debut" at the festival. The early word is "it just kind of tastes like ground up clams." [Seattle Weekly]

GREEN LAKE—Neighborhood mainstay Nell's will serve lunch on Fridays from 3-6, and weekends starting at noon. Seattle Met says the casual bites begin June 10, but only run through September. [Seattle Met]

BELLEVUE—Homegrown is extending its catering range to Bellevue, meaning Eastside dwellers and 'Soft workers can now partake of its sustainable sandwich goodness. Crossing the bridge costs an extra $10, but Homegrown's catering menu is specially designed to withstand travel times. [Seattle Met]

PIKE PLACE MARKET—Pike Brewing's Pints for Prostates event will be held Thursday, June 16. Starting at 11 a.m., 20 percent of beverage sales goes to Pints for Prostates, and the pub is hosting an evening event featuring both diagnosis and treatment information, as well as a raffle and silent auction. [EaterWire]

EVERYWHERE—Wine blogger and University of Puget Sound professor Mike Veseth has published a book, Wine Wars, that takes on great oeno-issues like two-buck Chuck and the rise of "McWines" Fellow wine writer Lettie Teague reviews it here. [WSJ]

ANNIVERSARIES—Fisher Flour Mills, maker of the Fisher fair scones and a line of at-home mixes, turns 100 today. [EaterWire]

Nell's Restaurant

6804 East Green Lake Way N, Seattle, WA 98115 206-524-4044

Allyn Geoduck Festival

E State Route 3 & E Lakeland Dr., Allyn, WA