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Check Out Michael Mina's RN74 Seattle, Opening Next Week

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[S. Pratt]

Now that Murray Stenson's whereabouts have been established, let us turn our attention to the interior of Michael Mina's new RN74 Seattle. The Burgundy and Northwest-influenced restaurant and wine bar opens for lunch on Monday, and for dinner on Thursday.

The restaurant is an offshoot of Mina's San Francisco original and gets its name from Route National 74, the roadway that passes through France's Burgundy region. To recap, Mina grew up in Ellensburg, and has been on the hunt for a Seattle location for years. He's spending the summer living on a friend's houseboat and working at the restaurant. The executive chef is Michelle Retallack, a longtime Mina vet who told Eater she was awaiting the opportunity to move here. The wine director is Mina's big-name consort Rajat Parr, but Jeff Lindsay-Thorsen came over from Cafe Juanita to be lead sommelier.

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1433 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101