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Raskin on Potbelly; Raskin on Raskin on SkyCity

With no formal review in the Seattle Times today, it's time for a special all-Raskin edition of Week in Reviews.
Potbelly [Photo (once again): MvB/The SunBreak]

Hanna Raskin braves the lines at Potbelly for a quickie review and comes away with what she considers a lamentably small meal. "Most normal-jawed eaters could finish a Potbelly sandwich in six bites." While the capicola, mortadella, pepperoni and salami on her sandwich tasted "highly processed and dangerously salty," she did deem the toasted bread "exceptionally good by chain-restaurant standards." [Seattle Weekly]

In Raskin's weekly review of her weekly review, she touches on critics' biases, namely the fact that she's a "sucker for restaurants with decades-long histories, and restaurants that revolve." However if SkyCity were at sea level, "it would be an easy restaurant to savage." On the topic of revolving restaurants: "I can't imagine a setting more consistent with the promise of specialness that compels people to eat out instead of burrowing into their sofas with boxes of pad thai." [Seattle Weekly]


1429 4th Ave., Seattle, WA