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Bill Gates: Magnate. Philanthropist. RN74 Seattle Fan?

Photo: Suzi Pratt

Has Microsoft chairman Bill Gates been living it up at the brand new RN74 Seattle? Why yes, according to this celeb gossip column (by Robin Leach, no less) in the Las Vegas Sun:

Congrats to Chef Michael Mina, who has several restaurants here in partnership with tennis champion and hometown hero Andre Agassi, on the opening of RN74 in a historic building in downtown Seattle that is becoming a Bill Gates favorite.

Mina HQ says it's not aware of Gates coming in, though it sounds like half of Seattle attended last weekend's VIP opening. RN74 only opened on Monday and doesn't begin dinner service until tonight, meaning visitors thus far experienced only lunch or happy hour. And while the image of our local magnate tucking into some $5 duck confit arancini is a delightful one, it doesn't sound entirely plausible. Team Mina has lots of Vegas roots, so presumably this came from some little birdie within the ranks. Whatever the case, RN74 Seattle is likely to join Willows Inn in the small number of Seattle restaurants where celeb-spotting happens regularly.

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1433 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

RN74 Seattle

1425 4th Ave., Seattle, WA