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Anonymous Craigslist Campaign Slams Blueacre Seafood

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Someone's got a major issue with Blueacre Seafood, the downtown spot from chef Kevin Davis and his wife Terresa. Earlier this week, an item appeared in the Craigslist section listing food and hospitality jobs. Except instead of seeking actual employees, its headline reads "Beware Blueacre Seafood."

The litany of complaints against the restaurant begins, "So you are thinking of applying at Blueacre seafood? This means you are either new to the city, or don't know anyone who as worked there." The post includes details about the service and tipping system and calls the owners "insulting, demeaning and rude." The contact for this post:

A follow-up post on Thursday claims to share responses from more than a dozen people, including some current and former Blueacre employees. One person says, "I'm an ex-employee and you hit it right on the head...I want to buy you a whiskey." Things get a lot nastier than that. The comments also call out a few other local restaurants.

Eater has reached out to Davis, who has yet to respond. He and his wife Terresa also own the popular Steelhead Diner in Pike Place Market. Blueacre opened last March in the former address of Oceanaire, where Kevin Davis made a name for himself as executive chef.

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Blueacre Seafood

1700 7th Ave., Seattle, WA