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Lucky Diner Servers Sport Locally Designed Custom Uniforms

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[Photos: S. Pratt]

Belltown's The Lucky Diner is on the verge of opening, and when it does, the female servers will be tricked out in some seriously stylish uniforms created by local designer Jamie Von Stratton. Check her in the above images, rocking her design and serving coffee to Lucky Diner owner Justin Mevs. Actual servers will likely take a pass on the three-inch heels.

When Mevs first conceived of his retro-tinged diner, his search for fun uniforms yielded garments that were more "industrial cafeteria" than "sassy coffee-slinger." A friend recommended Von Stratton, who was recently featured in The Stranger's first-ever fashion show and is also part of local burlesque troupe The Atomic Bombshells. The result reflects her glam stylings, but will let employees walk, lean, carry, pour and kneel without fear. Male servers will sport classic, if not quite as exciting, work shirts.

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