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Two Beers Brewing Now Offering its Beers in Cans

Two Beers Brewing says it's the first Washington small-batch brewer to offer its wares in 12-ounce cans. On Monday the SoDo brewery began distributing its Evolutionary IPA and two summer seasonals, Panorama Wheat and Trialhead ISA (that would be India-style session ale) in the metal cans most people associate Keystone Light and other youthful dalliances.

Slowly but surely, craft beer in cans is catching on. Brewers say cans keep out the light better than bottles, and as the release from Two Beers notes, "cans are lighter than bottles, chill faster, require less fuel to transport, are more readily recyclable ." Look for the cans at Whole Foods and other local markets and bottle stores early next week. Fremont Brewing Company is also working on canning its Interurban IPA.

· First Washington State Craft Brewery to can 12oz Cans [Facebook via SBN]
[Photo: Two Beers/Facebook]

Two Beers Brewing

4700 Ohio Ave. S, Seattle, WA