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Hunger's Anniversary Tasting; Native Cuisine; Boeing's Cross-Country Sandwich Run

FREMONT—Mediterranean-ish restaurant Hunger is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a $35 tasting menu that samples its most popular dishes of the past 12 months. The menu will be available for the entire month of July, along with some drink specials. [Fremont Universe]

SEATTLE CENTER—Hanna Raskin reports that plans for the Northwest Native Cultural Center, which hopes to locate to Seattle Center, would include Seattle's first-ever Native cafe. The country has only a handful of restaurants showcasing Native American cuisine, but NNCC's president points to the Mitsitam Cafe at Washington, DC's National Museum of the American Indian as a potential model. Fun fact: Seattle Center is located on a "historic ducking site," so duck would certainly be on the menu. [Seattle Weekly]

UP IN THE AIR—A Boeing flight test crew took a new 747-8 Freighter jet on a spin from here to Pittsburgh, grabbing sandwiches at local favorite Primanti Bros. during their brief stop. The flight test director told the Pittsburgh paper that "future test-flight menus will include pasties from Michigan's Upper Peninsula and lobster rolls from Maine." [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review via Eater National]

Hunger [Photo: Facebook]


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