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Wild Salmon Seafood Market Owners Reopening Highliner Pub

The owners of Wild Salmon Seafood Market at Fisherman's Terminal will be taking over the Highliner Tavern, which shuttered earlier this year. Owner Paula Cassidy says the bar, frequented by commercial fishermen as well as land-locked folk, will be known as the Highliner Pub and Grill at Fisherman's Terminal. The target reopen date: September 1.

The rather divey environs are getting cleaned up, and Cassidy and partner Jon Speltz plan to upgrade the menu. You can still get a burger at the Highliner, but the beef will be grass-fed. And, not surprisingly, the menu will emphasize the fresh, wild seafood and other specialty items from the market. Cassidy said she and Speltz are also playing around with the idea of letting customers buy fish at Wild Salmon Seafood Market, and have it prepared at the Highliner.

The original shuttered in April when the owners went out of business. The Port of Seattle had been looking for a new operator from the space since then. As Cassidy notes, "highliner" is "the name fishermen have given to a vessel returning to port with a catch so heavy that the ship rides low in the water, raising the water line."

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Highliner Pub and Grill

3909 18th Ave. W, Seattle, WA