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Bluebird Expands to Fremont, A La Mode to Phinney

There seems to be a bit of a dessert exodus happening on Capitol Hill. Well, technically news of Bluebird ice creamery's expansion to Fremont isn't an exodus because the Pike Street location isn't going anywhere. A Bluebird "microcreamery" is opening right on Fremont Avenue, next to Pie. The location is targeting a summer opening, so hopefully permit snafus don't delay things until the end of warm weather.

UPDATE: The lovely Hanna Brooks Olsen over at Seattlest informed us that Bluebird is installing a microcreamery in Greenwood as well.

Meanwhile, pie delivery company A la Mode is relocating from Capitol Hill to Phinney Ridge, where owner Chris Porter will open a cafe in addition to maintaining its delivery service.

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Bluebird's new mobile cart rakes in some goodwill in Fremont [Photo: Patrick Gateley/Facebook]

Bluebird Microcreamery

3517 Fremont Ave. N, Seattle, WA