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The Confectional's Capitol Hill Location Opens Saturday

[S. Pratt]

While The Confectional's Capitol Hill location has been softly open for a while (much to the excitement of Seattlest), Saturday at 11 a.m. marks the official opening of the new Broadway cheesecakery. Find it by Poppy and just down the street from forthcoming Cantonese restaurant Bako.

Unlike the original Pike Place Market location, which must follow the Market's strict rules about who can sell what, the Confectional's new location can actually serve coffee. Stumptown drip to be exact. Also, owner Paul Verano's Colombian hot chocolate recipe, adapted from his grandma's, can be mixed with coffee to produce a beverage known as the coca cafe.

While the menu of diminutive cheesecakes and cheesecake truffles remains the same, Confectional 2.0 is running a special opening flavor that won't be available at the Pike Place Market location. It's a passion fruit cheesecake with seeds, which is how they roll in New Zealand. Verano got his cheesecake start while living in down there, where passion fruit is as common as strawberries are here and is eaten seeds and all.

Verano and co-owner Destiny Sund are still tweaking the hours to reflect the Hill's more nocturnal crowd. It looks like the Broadway shop will be open 1-9 p.m on Sundays and mid-week (closed Monday), and from 1-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. This weekend, however, doors are open 11-9 on Saturday and 11-7 Sunday. Most of the catering operations have also relocated here from the original Pike Place Market location.

And yes, there will be giveaways tomorrow. Free passion fruit cheesecakes for all, plus an hourly drawing for a nine-pack of mini-cheesecakes and an end-of-day drawing for a year's worth of the little guys.

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