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Magnolia Restaurant Szmania's Gets a Steakhouse Makeover

Upscale restaurant Szmania's in Magnolia has pulled off its "first major menu change in 21 years." As of Friday, the Magnolia restaurant is now Szmania's Steakhouse & Bar and the interior has been remodeled as well. Owners Julie and Ludger Szmania said in a message to friends that the move to the steakhouse-format menu was inspired by Ludger's love of meat.

The couple opened the restaurant in 1990 but purchased a farm five years ago, an acquisition that moved them toward "simpler foods with incredible flavors," according to the official announcement. In addition to steaks, sauces and seafood, German-born Ludger Szmania's jager schnitzel and a bratwurst platter made it onto the new menu. Check it out right over here.

· Szmania's Steakhouse & Bar [Official Website]

Szmania's Bar & Steakhouse

3321 W. McGraw St., Seattle, WA