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Marination Pork Pride Underpants; Drinks Boozy & Otherwise

CAPITOL HILL—Another pride-related local goodie: Our Ladies of Marination say they've done "a small run of unisex undies" that should be done in time for Pride weekend. Get 'em at the Station. [Facebook]

GREENWOOD/PHINNEYStumbling Goat Bistro has begun brewing its own root beer. It's produced twice a week on site. The root beer was initially made as a dessert to go with vanilla bean ice cream, but the restaurant is planning to sell it as a beverage now that the recipe is perfected and they are brewing larger batches. [EaterWire]

MONTLAKECafe Lago, possessor of the only Josper oven in all of the city, is even using it to make drinks. The restaurant's new cocktail, the arancia salata, includes part of an orange roasted in the fancy Spanish-based grill. The smoky roasted orange gets muddled with cinnamon, ice, Aperol and Ciroc grape vodka. [EaterWire]

U-DISTRICT—More froyo by the ounce. Chris Werner reports that frozen yogurt chain Menchie's, already located in Queen Anne and elsewhere around the region, is coming to University Village this summer. [Seattle Met]

Cafe Lago

2305 24th Avenue East, , WA 98112 (206) 329-8005 Visit Website

Stumbling Goat Bar & Bistro

6722 Greenwood Avenue N, Seattle, WA 98103 206 784 3535 Visit Website

Marination Station

1401 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122 206-860-3818

Marination Station

1412 Harvard Ave., Seattle, WA