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What a Deal in West Seattle; Under 2 Tuesday Heads to Kirkland

With no further ado, we bring you the week's biggest, brightest, and most bizarre stories from our sister site Curbed Seattle:
[7553 30th Avenue SW]

WESTWOOD—For some reason, this 5-bedroom house in West Seattle is under $350,000. Is it because its nearest neighbor is White Center? Maybe a dislike of Westwood Village? Perhaps it's haunted! In any case, we don't understand it either, but we're not going to argue.

KIRKLAND— Under 2 Tuesday headed to the Eastside this week to check out a 1000 sq. ft. 2-bed in Kirkland that rings it at under $140k. If that's not a steal, we don't know what is.

PIKE/PINE—The Sheraton's streetside garden came a little closer to completion last week with the start of Ginny Ruffner's Urban Garden installation, which features a spinning daisy that's nine feet wide. Yes, we said nine feet.

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