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Greek Restaurant Taverna MaZi Coming to Ravenna

The Ravenna area is getting a new Greek restaurant, Taverna MaZi, run by Demetri Georgakopoulos of the former Porta Greek Taverna. Owner David Croom was hesitant to give a timeline for when it might open, but buildout is underway at the former La Piazza location across from Calvary Cemetery, up the hill from University Village.

The restaurant promises cocktails and food that is "conceptually Greek with daring creativity." Georgakopoulos, who will serve as GM, was the face of the lively Porta Greek Taverna, which opened first on Eastlake, then later relocated to Belltown.

· Taverna MaZi [Facebook]

Taverna MaZi

3426 NE 55th St., Seattle, WA