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Fremont Restaurant Hunger Planning Companion Bar

Fremont restaurant Hunger, which shares a building forthcoming meat haven Dot's Delicatessen, is adding a speakeasy-style cocktail bar in its basement this fall. Owner Brian Brooks says the new space will hopefully open in October or November.

Hunger, which opened last July (and has an anniversary menu running this month), is located in one of Fremont's oldest commercial buildings. The basement space has the same footprint as the restaurant, and is accessible only by a narrow staircase from behind the bar, and a back-alley entrance. Right now it's home to a desk, lots of paperwork, and a makeshift crash space for employees to relax. The plan, first reported by Fremont Universe, is to transform this space into a separate bar with a small stage for live music. A call box in the alley could require a password distributed through social media.

The official name for this new venture is still pending. Brooks says "Thirst" is an obvious name for Hunger's companion bar, but this might cause some licensing and paperwork confusion with Thurst Lounge up in Ravenna.

Brooks and wife/co-owner Jaime Mullins-Brooks are planning a "bites" menu, separate from the restaurant's Mediterranean-influenced mix of big and small plates. Bar manager Greg West is overseeing the downstairs cocktail list, which will include a few standbys from the restaurant, along with some Prohibition-influenced drinks.

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