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Filed under:'s Amazing "Dog Doogity" Video; Neighborhood Stereotypes Exploited and Examined

Without further ado, the very latest on local real estate and neighborhood gossip from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

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DOG PARKS CITYWIDE—It's a sad, sad truth that dog owners around the Sound are less than awesome at cleaning up after their precious pooches. The only reasonable solution? Create a hilarious cover of a late-90s R&B groove to teach them a lesson, of course! The advent of Martin Luther and Lola (the dog)'s "Dog Doogity" may or may not have an impact on the scooping up of canine waste around these parts, but it's certainly amusing.

ALL OVER—A rash of hilarious neighborhood stereotypes hit the web this week in such prestigious publication as the P-I, Seattlest, and, well, those PEMCO commercials. No trend is too small for our examination, so we took a closer look at the (oddly accurate) archetypal characters in nabes and 'burbs like Bellevue, Magnolia, Capitol Hill, and more. Your kind words (and unkind words) are appreciated.

U-DISTRICT— Love studios? Well have we got a treat for you! This week's Under 2 Tuesday featured a sweet little spot just north of UW with a rooftop garden, impressive fitness center, and juuuuust enough room for a Murphy bed. If you're cool with hiding your sleeping area every morning and don't want to spend a boatload, you're in business.