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Le Pichet on Food Network; Po Dog Re-Branding; More!

Photo: WordRidden/Flickr

BELLTOWN—You don't have to wait until Revel's appearance next spring to see Seattle featured on The Food Network show The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Tonight's episode will feature Jim Drohman and Le Pichet. Apparently celeb chef Alton Brown ate here last year and raved about the Raclette Savoyarde. [Stranger]

U DISTRICT—Wiener dynamo Po Dog is changing things up at the U-District location. The shop will serve its last loaded hot dog on Saturday, July 30, then transform into a full bar. The name: Detention. The re-open: Thursday, August 4 at 6 p.m. [Facebook via CHS]

WEST SEATTLE—West Seattle Blog did a little sleuthing and discovered that the next Mobile Chowdown event might take place near the Junction. We're talking October, so nothing is finalized, but co-sponsor and organizer Michi Suzuki said the proposal would be for two blocks of California Avenue between Oregon and Edmunds. [WSB]

PIKE PLACE MARKET—So, you want to see Place Pigalle chef and former yo-yo pro Branden Moreau strut his stuff? Hanna Raskin's got video satisfaction for you right over here. According to La Raskin, Moreau spent almost 10 years on the professional yo-yo circuit, and is "credited with inventing the Avalanche, the Bizarre, the Caged Monkey, and the Gyroscopic Flip." [Seattle Weekly]

Po Dog

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Le Pichet

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Le Pichet

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