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94 Stewart Address Will Become Kastoori Grill

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Family-owned 94 Stewart served its last dinner over the weekend, and is turning the space over to another family, who plan to open as Kastoori Grill. Nepal-born sisters Bina and Sudha Bogati will serve a mix of Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan cuisine.

The sisters' parents were both chefs, according to Bina Bogati. Her husband, Punjab, India native Paramjit Singh, has also spent 13 years in the restaurant business and will be working closely with Kastoori's chef, she says. Kastoori Grill is planning an August 5 open. A website is also in the works.

As for the family behind 94 Stewart, GM Nic Norton says a new space has been selected, but they are dealing with some permiting issues. Chef Celinda Norton plans to blog about the new space, so keep an eye out for a new domain name and more information in the coming weeks.

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[Photo: Rona L/Yelp]

Kastoori Grill

94 Stewart St., Seattle, WA