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The Plot Thickens: Bill Sues Bill the Butcher

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Not only is Bill the Butcher, Inc. cash strapped, but William Von Schneidau, its founder filed a lawsuit last month against the company and its current CEO J'Amy Owens. Von Schneidau (aka Bill) alleges that Owens induced him to sell his 100% ownership in WK Inc., the company under which he had done business as Bill the Butcher, in return for shares in Reshoot and Edit, a Nevada company that Owens controlled: "Von Schneidau was also promised by Ms. Owens, that they would run the company as co-equal officers/directors".

Since entering into this set of agreements with Owen on March 26, 2010, Von Schneidau claims that Owens has breached all of them: "Mr. Von Schneidau was not giving up his rights and interests in the Bill the Butcher store(s) and concept when he sold WK to the Company, as it was the parties' intent that he and Ms. Owens would be co-equals in the operation and governing of the Company.

If Mr. Von Schneidau had known that Ms. Owens' and the Company's representations to him about transferring the shares of stock promised to him and his place in the management were false, he would not have entered into the RPA and would still today be operating WK and Bill the Butcher shops as he had been before Ms. Owens' interest in the Company came to be.

On July 21, 2011, Von Schneidau, filed for a default judgement, as Owens had failed to file a response. On July 27, 2011, Owens attorneys of record in the case, sought permission to withdraw (aka drop her as a client).

This litigation is a sad outcome of what was once a great romance. This was how Owens described her relationship with Von Schneidau to the The Stranger last May: "William and I met at Shuckers and became lovers." and "William's the steak and I'm the sizzle in our partnership... I can't tell you what to buy and how to cook it . . . but William can, all the livelong day."

One bright note: Seattle Metropolitan reports that Bill the Butcher plans to forge ahead with their Wallingford store.

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William Von Schneidau [Photo: Wellsphere]