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CHS Digs Up More Details on the Debacle that Is Meza [UPDATE]

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UPDATE: Mario Villeges has been cleared of all wrongdoing. The founder of the restaurant Alex Meza has confessed to the crimes he accused Villeges of committing. Read his full statement — and Meza's confession — over at Capitol HIll Seattle.


Capitol Hill Seattle blog checks in on the aptly dubbed "mess at Meza" and finds the restaurant is still operating, somehow. Last week CHS reported that Mario Villegas, the man who was in the process of buying the Capitol Hill Latin restaurant was busted as part of a citywide sting on an organized theft ring. The original owner, Alex Meza, said the sale is now off the table; while Villegas does not currently face any charges, a clean criminal record comes in handy when applying to assume a liquor license. He told CHS, "I hand it to the new owner and he fucked it up."

Apparently the police have investigated a few other shady instances, including booze being sold after close, and some "late night parties with cover charges." Meza said he fired his chef and some other employees as a result of these shenanigans.

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