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Third Potbelly Location Confirmed; Fonte's Coffee Vault; Skillet's Pumpkin Ketchup

DOWNTOWN—The verrrry early word on Potbelly's arrival in Seattle
was that the sandwich chain would open two Seattle locations and one in Bellevue. Then the actual opening announcements only mentioned two shops. Jess Voelker says there is indeed a third Potbelly in the works, this one opening near Third and Spring downtown. The Bellevue Towers location, by the way, is still on for later this summer. [Seattle Met]

DOWNTOWN—Coffee and wine spot Fonté Coffee is offering a collection of very small-batch coffees through a new program dubbed the "coffee vault." The beans will be specially stored so registered members of Fonte's coffee program can order small amount of these rare coffees to be roasted for them throughout the year. The program begins July 18; send an email to become a registered member. [EaterWire]

MEALS ON WHEELS—Low key though it may seem, Skillet is one savvy marketing operation. Its latest product, a seasonal pumpkin ketchup, is making the rounds before the upcoming Fancy Food Show. Sara Moulton of Good Morning America gave it a little attention, writes Hanna Raskin. Josh Henderson is even pondering bourbon apple jam for Christmas. [Seattle Weekly]

Potbelly at 4th & Pike [Photo: Eater Seattle]


3rd & Spring, Seattle, WA