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Wall Street Journal Asks Some Famous Locals Where to Eat

A Wall Street Journal piece asks Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, singer Brandi Carlile, artist Dale Chihuly and chef Kathy Casey about some of their favorite Seattle spots. It's also a rare occasion that Capitol Hill "hipster haven" Cha Cha Lounge gets ink in this high-minded daily.

Schultz's food picks include clam pizza at Serious Pie, Canlis (hey, he can afford it) and nutritional wares at Healeo (didn't Schultz recently say he wants to do more health stuff at Starbucks? Maybe he's scoping out the competition). Carlile apparently likes oysters, be it from The Brooklyn or Walrus & the Carpenter. Casey's favorites: media darling Revel; Tavern Law's upstairs hideaway Needle & Thread, and Local 360.

As for Chihuly, he gives a shoutout to Salumi, and apparently enjoys Space Needle restaurant SkyCity a bit more than La Raskin. Granted, it's easy to like a restaurant when its owners want to build an exhibit in your honor.

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