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Under $200k in Tacoma; Entertaining Listing Photos

And now, the very latest from our real estate-obsessed sister site Curbed Seattle:

TACOMA—Under 2 Tuesday headed to Pierce County this week for a peek Tacoma 3-bedroom that's ready to go and totally worth a second look. Claw-footed tubs? Craftsman-style good looks? A shiny, brand new kitchen? Yes please. The price tag ain't bad, either.

NORTH ADMIRAL—Our fair city has a reputation to keep up in the modern design department, and this 3-bed certainly disappoint. Take a newly constructed Northwest Modern 3-bed, add a dash of eco-friendly features, and mix in a couple really incredible views and you've got a noteworthy on-the-market house right in West Seattle. It's listed for $1.295m.

EVERETT—It's a shame when bad listing photos bring a good property down, except when said listing photos are endlessly amusing. Courtesy of a reader's tip, we bring you this 3-bedroom house in Everett. Rest assured, the owners want to get rid of the place -- as evidenced by the way they apparently flew the coop mid-paint job. For the entertaining photos, head on over.