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Taichi Kitamura's Showa Adds Ramen to the Menu

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Photo: Showa

Showa, the second story Fremont izakaya that BJC once likened to "a booze-filled tree house," has added ramen to the menu. And considering this place is owned by Taichi Kitamura, who previously ran Chiso Kappo in this very same space and is now blowing minds with his Sushi Kappo Tamura, this ramen comes with some high expectations.

The ramen made its quiet debut this weekend, though prototype versions have been showing up on the menu of late. This final version is the result of weeks and weeks of tinkering.

According to the official description from Kitamura, Showa's ramen is the soy sauce-based kotteri shoyu style. The broth is made from chicken, pork and, for a dash of the Northwest, manila clams from the Puget Sound. Further info for all you ramen geeks: noodles are thin and straight and the ramen is served with pork belly char siu,simmered bamboo shoots and a seasoned soft boiled egg.

Tamura Sushi Kappo

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