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Eater 38 Badge and Lists Now Unlocking on Foursquare

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If you follow Eater on Foursquare, we've got a few new amusements relevant to your interests to make you aware of. (If you don't follow us on Foursquare, perhaps now's the time to join the party? Jump through to Eater's Foursquare page and click the orange FOLLOW button.)

EATER 38 BADGE—As seen at right, this badge is awarded for a significant number of check-ins at restaurants that have occupied a spot on the Eater 38 list of our favorite restaurants. To earn the badge, you must follow Eater on Foursquare.

FOURSQUARE LISTS—Yesterday, Foursquare rolled out a new list-making feature that makes it easy to, well, make lists. In that spirit, you can check out our Eater 38 lists not just here in Seattle but in all Eater cities. Go ahead and follow the Seattle Eater 38, and perhaps the Portland Eater 38 as well. If you've got travel plans in the future, the NY Eater 38, SF Eater 38 or Chicago Eater 38 might be of interest?

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