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The Stranger's Sordid Tales of Restaurant Employment

In lieu of a review this week, The Stranger's staffers share some horrifying (and awesome) tales from their assorted stints in the hospitality industry. The piece includes full disclosure of all the places that have "paid us money in return for our (mostly very limited) kitchen and service skills."

While working at Cafe Septieme, Dominic Holden once demanded that a table of boozed-up, cash-poor customers march to a cash machine and "get me a real tip." To be fair, they had started a small fire previously, but Cafe Septieme boss Kurt Timmermeister was not amused. Holden recalls, "Fair of him to fire me, but I'd do it again."

Dan Savage, on the other hand, turned his frustrating employ at London restaurant Jams into an opportunity to steal expensive Christofle silverware. Spoons alone cost $118 a piece. He recalls, "I left Jams that day with 12 settings—72 pieces of silver—which I still have and haul out (and polish!) at Thanksgiving and Christmas." Settle in for an epic read.

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