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Porky Maximus Minimus Making Brick and Mortar Plans

Photo by Roy Patrick Tan/Flickr

Jess Voelker says that pig-shaped foodmobile Maximus Minimus will likely be the next food truck to go brick-and-mortar. Owner Kurt Dammeier has been plenty busy with his New York City outpost of Beecher's Handmade Cheese (the WSJ wrote about the shop just yesterday, in fact), but tells Ms. Voelker "he’s now fully focused on finding a permanent home for Maximus Minimus."

His inspiration comes in part from Brooklyn barbecue spot Fette Sau, which he happened upon during all his recent time in New York. Plans call for smoked meats and a full bar (really, what else do you need?) but location and timeline are still up in the air. Neighborhoods Dammeier is considering: Ballard, Fremont, South Lake Union, and, you'll never believe...Capitol Hill.

Dammeier would be following in the highly successful footsteps of Skillet and Marination Mobile, two of the other first generation-ish food trucks that built up a fan base and now draw diners to permanent locations within a few blocks of one another on Capitol Hill. And Maximus Minimus fans can rest easy--Dammeier has no intention of retiring the signature pig truck.

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Maximus Minimus

2nd & Pike, Seattle, WA