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Seattle Gets New Food Truck; Ballard Gets New Brewery

MEALS ON WHEELS—Seattlest has word of a new food truck, Snout & Co., that serves "soul food from Cuba to South Carolina." Right now owner Scott Lee is running just a few days a week in Ballard and South Lake Union, but he's got an expanded schedule in the works. [Seattlest]

BALLARD—More new stuff! Jess Voelker says a brewery by the name of Hilliard's is in the works in Ballard. Brewer Ryan Hilliard and business partner Adam Merkl will be going the can route to distribute two beers: a farmhouse-style saison and an American-style amber. Ooh and there's a tap room. Both tap room and canned beer should be ready by September. [Seattle Met]

[Label: Hilliard's]

Hilliard's Beer

1550 NW 49th St., Seattle, WA