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A Mindblowing Rental in Green Lake; Talking Transportation Turkey

And now the latest and greatest from our real estate-obsessed sister site, Curbed Seattle:

GREEN LAKE—California Closets! A two-car garage! Five bedrooms! Walk-in closets! A private gym! A friggin' wine cellar! For rent! We're not joking. Check out the listing right this way.

AROUND TOWN—Traffic seems to be a hot topic these days (what with the tunnel moving forward and all that), so we chatted with transportation genius David Markley about the business of actually planning traffic flow. What we learned: people totally were not into the whole Kingdome idea at first.

EVERYWHERE—Next week marks the inaugural edition of Curbed Hottest Brokers Week, and we need your nominations. Send us info about the amazing specimen who sold you your house or found you your condo via