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Erin Nestor of Bottleneck and Tommy Gun on Her Stolen Sign and the Dangers of Peroni on Draft

Welcome to Shit People Steal, in which we ask restaurateurs what items in their restaurant have been (or are frequently) stolen.

bottleneck_street_girls_sign.jpgEater asked Erin Nestor, owner of Bottleneck Lounge and Tommy Gun, what customers pilfer from her businesses. She responded with a tale of stolen glassware:

The things people steal the most are glasses. We had Peroni on draft for about six months and the fancy glassware just walked right out the door. The same with the Trumer Pils glassware though not as much. Every once in a while I'll be at someone's house (non-industry) and notice that they're serving beer in Peroni glassware ? one of those 'things that make you go, huh.'

Last summer, however, a customer stole a "street girls" sign from the Bottleneck that still riles Nestor. Pictured above, the framed sign reads, "Street Girls Bringing Sailors into Hotel Must Pay for Room in Advance, Place Hotel, Norfolk, VA". Nestor adored the sign for its period evocation. If any Eater readers spy the sign, she still wants it back.

[Photo: Bottleneck Lounge]
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Bottleneck Lounge

2328 E Madison St. Seattle, WA