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Hanna Raskin Wants a Garlicky Caesar Salad

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Hanna Raskin is full of confessions this month. Today Seattle Weekly's food critic announces that "My husband, whose birthday is fast approaching, likes four foods: French onion soup, Caesar salad, steak, and pistachio ice cream." So does La Raskin rely on other dining companions when she's chowing down on kugel or lamb hot pots?

Her reason for sharing this with the world: Obtaining guidance on the city's best Caesar salad. For hubby's birthday, Raskin is planning "a progressive dining tour of our new hometown, following a path that leads to the city's quintessential versions of his favorites." The only menu item not yet locked down is the salad. The criteria: "Garlicky, with plenty of grated Parmesan, and--if possible--grilled leaves of romaine." Sadly that rules out Skillet Diner's excellent kale Caesar, though perhaps she should give Machiavelli a whirl.

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[Photo: Ristorante Machiavelli]

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