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Even For a Bikini Barista Stand, this Ad Is Super Creepy

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A Craigslist ad seeking bikini baristas is always snigger-worthy, even when it's written in subtle, reasonably couched language. Then there's this post seeking scantily clad ladies for a new coffee stand opening in Edmonds. Interested in baring yourself around scalding hot coffee for minimum wage plus tips? Well then, read on...

The ad begins with the line "I need you NOW!!!" and clarifies that "i want the girl that every guy will crave...u will make more money...and so will the stand."

Not sufficiently grossed out yet? How's about this specification: "Barista experience preferred, but i can train you in the art of coffee making. Must be comfortable in dealing with many types of customers, and be comfortable with wearing LINGERIE, and SWIMSUITS, and SUGGESTIVE OUTFITS."

At least your potential boss sounds like a pretty cool and non-creepy guy. You know, the sort who says things like "The more you impress me and keep my attention the better the chances are you will get the job." The ad signs off with this friendly warning: "PLEASE dont be a prude and have conditions...remember this is my stand, and I don't like drama or complaining."

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