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Ethan Stowell's Next Project: Fast Food Redefined

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Restaurateur Ethan Stowell is on the hunt for spaces for a whopping five new projects he's planning to open around Seattle. The chef behind Tavolata, How to Cook a Wolf, Anchovies & Olives and the shuttered Union says he will open a series of casual spots he describes as "fast food redefined."

Stowell, his wife Angela, and Chad Dale (a friend and also an owner of the Kolstrand Building, which houses Staple & Fancy) have founded a company, Grub Brothers Productions, and intend to open five concepts: fried chicken; fish and chips; burgers and hot dogs; sandwiches; and pizza, both delivery and by the slice. The chicken joint will be called Dynamite Chicken; the rest are still awaiting official names. Stowell says the venues will "feel like one of our spaces but will be approachable from a price perspective."

The locations will appeal to "parents that want to go to a place where they don't feel like they're at a kids restaurant, and adults who don't necessarily want to commit to a full fine dining experience."

While this certainly won't be health food, Stowell says the fast food-style fare will feature upgraded ingredients. "If parents want to take their kids, or people want to get their stuff to go, they can at least know they're not eating fast food that's full of preservatives and gross stuff."

The group is eying spaces in Fremont and Wallingford. While nothing is locked down, Stowell says "the first one we do is likely to be within the next six months."

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