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Seattle Farm to Table Restaurants Loathe to Serve WA Wine

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Sitka & Spruce
Sitka & Spruce
Photo: Chez Pim/Flickr

Julien Perry publishes a revealing interview with Madeline Dow, the Marketing Director for the Washington Wine Commission in today's Voracious. Among other juicy bits, Dow takes aim at Seattle restaurants that source local ingredients to scrupulous degrees but yet have token representation of Washington wines on their wine lists. Dow specifically calls out Sitka & Spruce:

They're the biggest hypocrites. They literally boast this whole farm-to-table concept. It irritates me because they get all of this press. Literally, their logo is the state of Washington and there are three Washington wines on their list out of 50.

Can you help Eater come up with other en flagrante violators?

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Sitka & Spruce

1531 Melrose Avenue, Seattle, WA