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Hottest Broker Week: The Final Countdown

This week's hottest stories (and brokers) from our real estate-obsessed sister site, Curbed Seattle:


UNDER 2 TUESDAYOur weekly feature on not-so-shabby properties going for under $200k was just shy of the price cap this week, but you get a pretty decent amount for your money. Get a fireplace, two beds, a view, and an updated kitchen for $199,900.

HOTTEST WEEK It's gratuitous attractive people time! All week long, we've been matching hot brokers and agents up against one another in an attempt to determine who's the absolute hottest real estate guru in the Sound. Today brings us to the finals, between a dark horse Redfinner who's killing the competition and a former Sea Gal. Let the games begin.

ON THE INTERWEBS— Need a table? Lucky for you, we did the legwork and found a bunch of cool ones on Craigslist for you. Go borrow your friend's truck, trade them some labor for a six pack, and pick your new dining room furniture. It's going to be a productive weekend.