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Grubwich; Cool Whirled; Detention; Beehive Bakery; Splash

In addition to Grace Kitchen, the past few days saw plenty of other new places open around the city.

[Photo: Eater Seattle]

U DISTRICT—The U-District Po Dog's transformation into Detention Bar is complete. Some of the shop's signature wieners remain on the menu, but you'll also find cafeteria-style foodstuffs and a cocktail list full of highly scholastic names like "lunch lady" and "hall pass". [EaterWire]

CAPITOL HILL—The former Pita Pit's new life as sandwich shop Grubwich is complete; owner Brian Kun opened the doors this weekend. The specialty sandwiches and burger clock in at $7 apiece, games. [EaterWire]

FREMONT—Froyo's relentless march through the city continues with new Fremont spot Cool Whirled. Fremont Universe says the self-serve shop is softly open on Fremont Avenue. [Fremont Universe]

CENTRAL DISTRICT—New Kosher-certified Beehive Bakery is softly open at 23rd & Union, serving up baked goods both sweet and savory. Also, coffee. And gluten-free. [CDN]

BELLTOWN—A tipster alerted Eater that the former V-Bar is now a bar and restaurant called Splash Lounge. Splash opens at 11 for lunch and keeps rolling 'til 2 a.m. More info on the chef, the owners and the menu right over here. [EaterWire]


4736 University Way NE, Seattle, WA