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Cocktail Haven Vessel Will Indeed Reopen Downtown

Are you kidding me? Still more news surfaces today, starting with a tweet from Seattle Times cocktail scribe Tan Vinh. Memo to the Times: give this guy a blog already. Vinh took to Twitter to let us know that shuttered cocktail destination Vessel will indeed be reopening in a new location, likely in early December. That would be one full year after the bar closed its original location, just a few blocks away on Fifth Avenue.

Thank goodness for mistress of the sauce Jess Voelker, who has the full story on the new space (a former Red Balloon Company store with a bit of a speakeasy past). Vessel 2.0 will be larger, prettier and have much more food. Bar manager Jim Romdall tells Voelker the bar has some big plans and promises more news to come.

· @TanVinhSeattle [Twitter]
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624 Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98101 206 623 3325


624 Olive Way, Seattle, WA