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Corson Building Vet Opening Belle Clementine in Ballard

And still more news about new projects, this time from one Jess Voelker: David Sanford, a former "project manager" at Matt Dillon's Corson Building and organizer of communal meals including past Outstanding in the Field dinners, is opening Belle Clementine in Ballard. The restaurant is carving out half of a century-old building on Leary Way, sharing the space with the forthcoming Full Tilt Ice Cream location.

As you can imagine, a man who worked with Matt Dillon and has been known to cook at Christina Choi's dearly departed Nettletown, has some strong opinions on sourcing, seasonality and local purveyors. The restaurant will focus on family-style meals, and Sanford is taking an approach he likens to the dinner version of a CSA box. Per Voelker, "Guests will be able to sign up for multiple meals over a month or a season, paying in advance so that they can just come by and eat."

Belle Clementine is named for Sanford's paternal grandmother and should open its doors "later this fall."

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Belle Clementine

5451 Leary Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98107 (206) 257-5761 Visit Website

Belle Clementine

5451 Leary Ave., Seattle, WA