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Laura Olson's New Venture is Mysterious Manhattan Drugs

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Well here's some interesting new restaurant news, courtesy of Seattle Mag's Allison Scheff: Bar and restaurant juggernaut Laura Olson has a new project in the works. No, Scheff's not talking about glitzy LBGT nightclub The Social (which opens later this fall) but rather Manhattan Drugs, a bar and restaurant that Olson and fiance Chris Pardo will open in an undisclosed location. However the couple's planning a November opening, so the address can't remain shrouded in mystery too much longer.

Pardo tells Scheff that Manhattan Drugs will serve "the best hamburger in Seattle, plus steaks and multiple macaroni and cheeses." The rendering he shared with Seattle Mag looks vaguely Grim's-esque, but with antlers.

In Seattle's restaurant realm, the term "empire-builder" generally applies to Tom Douglas or Ethan Stowell but damn, Olson has a rather impressive dominion going herself, and she seems equally comfortable with bars and restaurants. In addition to The Social, her projects include Capitol Hill hot dog spot Po Dog and neighboring Auto Battery, steampunky lounge Grim's, and the former U-District Po Dog location recently converted into Detention bar. The website for her Pterodactyl Group company also suggests that a Ballard hotel project might be in the works.

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