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Herbfarm Diner Encounters, Sucks Down 1927 Bottle of Port

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A sign outside The Herbfarm.

Sounds like fine dining destination The Herbfarm had a Shit People Steal moment over the weekend. Jess Voelker pieces together a tale of woe that involves a diner's unauthorized consumption of a bottle of 1927 Graham's Port. It seems the woman encountered the bottle in the restaurant's famed wine cellar on her way back from the restroom and demolished about 40 percent of it.

According to owner Ron Zimmerman, who shared the whole sordid tale on Twitter, "she said she thought the wine cellar was full of tasting room samples to try." The restaurant isn't pressing charges, but any time a restaurant owner uses the hash tag #AlcoholicKlepto to describe a guest encounter, you can bet he's not impressed.

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[Photo: Arnold Gatilao/Flickr]

The Herbfarm

14590 Northeast 145th Street, , WA 98072 (425) 485-5300 Visit Website

The Herbfarm

14590 NE 145th St., Woodinville, WA