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Sam Crannell Opening LloydMartin in the Bricco Space

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One bright spot in the stunningly quick closure of 5 Corner Market Bar & Kitchen earlier this year: chef Sam Crannell, who was let go a few months before the restaurant closed, told Eater he had his own place in the works. It turns out Crannell is moving to the top of Queen Anne; he's preparing to sign a lease for the Bricco space on Queen Anne Avenue.

His forthcoming restaurant, LloydMartin, is named for Crannell's two grandfathers, both business-owning entrepreneurs in their own right. Says Crannell, "Who would be a better role model than those two guys?" Oh, and he'd like to be open by October 1.

Before Crannell joined the 5 Corner project, he cooked at Oddfellow's and Quinn's. But don't expect a gastropub, he says. "If anything this will be a departing moment for me." At LloydMartin he won't be doing burgers, or fries, or fish and chips. Even if he wanted to, the constraints of the kitchen (no hood; no gas) would make such high-temperature endeavors mighty difficult. But with these sorts of challenges, says Crannell, "chefs can really rise to make something delicious."

Crannell isn't yet ready to share specifics on the dinner menu. In fact, he says, the concept is likely to vary from day to day. But overall his food will be "affordable and still inventive, clean and delicious." He's looking "way back" for inspiration, particularly to the turn of the century and the days of Auguste Escoffier. Patrons can also expect a playful element. "Not everything is literal" Crannell says of the small plate-focused menu. The core of the menu, even larger dishes, will be less than $18.

Some dessert ideas he's got in the works: a waffle with peanut butter ice cream and dark port chocolate; a hazelnut chocolate cake with raspberry malted and a bananas foster ice cream sandwich.

LloydMartin will be beer and wine only (hey industry folk, Crannell is looking for someone who's well-versed in beer and wine service to come on board). He says he and his wife, Tracey Stoner Crannell had frequented Bricco since the restaurant opened and always loved the wine bar's space. Now the couple begins painting and prepping the space, aiming for a "very rapid turnaround," namely that October 1 opening date. Tracey, by the way, is staying put in her role as chef at Ballard's Portalis Wine Bar.

UPDATE: Jess Voelker says tonight is the last night for Bricco.

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