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Madison Park Conservatory's New Happy Hour; Bainbridge's New Brewery; Hooray for Liberty's Negronis

Photo: Madison Park Conservatory/Facebook

MADISON PARK—Here's some photographic proof of Madison Park Conservatory's new upstairs-only happy hour, which launched last week. Given the fact that this particular bar is tended by one Maggie Savarino, you probably want to check out the $5 wine cocktail of the day. Other offerings: a $5 Moscow mule and $3 cans of Modelo. On the food front, MPC is doing $1.50 oysters and $5 individual plates of their Dungeness crab deviled eggs, fried heirloom peppers, jamon serrano and two menu signatures: octopus crudo and the grilled beef tongue. Happy hour happens from 4-6 p.m. [Facebook]

CAPITOL HILL—Big ups to Liberty for having one of the 10 best Negronis in the country, according to Imbibe. The bar's barrel-aged version is made with Voyager gin, Campari and a blend of Boissiere and Dolin rouge vermouths. "And that’s just one of the dozen cocktails Liberty’s currently aging." [Imbibe]

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND—Washington has another new brewery, this one on Bainbridge Island. Washington Beer Blog says Bainbridge Island Brewing Company hopes to open next March/April-ish. [WBB]

Madison Park Conservatory

1927 43rd Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112


, , WA 98922

Madison Park Conservatory

1927 43rd Ave. E, Seattle, WA