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Guess Which Yankee Ate at Japonessa and Was Totally Rude?

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Downtown restaurant Japonessa is one of a few places that will post on social media when someone notable comes in. And apparently the restaurant crew isn't afraid to drop the Internet hammer when one of said notables doesn't mind his manners. A recent Facebook post suggests that one Alex Rodriguez was in the house recently. Though c'mon guys, don't you keep up with your celebrity dating news?

It's not the only A-Rod sighting reported while the Yankees were in town. The Seattle Times' Tan Vinh says the infamous third baseman and former Mariner was at cocktail bar Rob Roy Tuesday night, and apparently some of the team hit up steakhouse Ruth's Chris. Not so into the local food scene apparently.

UPDATE--Word has it Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada did a little lunchtime carbo-loading at Tulio on Tuesday. Jeter reportedly was quite lovely to their server, and the duo even posed for a pic with a diner and her baby.

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