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Hanna Raskin Ponders Bugs, Bourbon and Ba Bar, Invokes Some Lurker Ire

Today is rather light on reviews, so let us take a moment to ponder Hanna Raskin's review of her review of Ba Bar. Though she raves about both food and cocktails, it's not surprising that La Raskin touches on the "sordid bit of human-resources drama" Eric Banh encountered when the restaurant opened. It seems the effects of Denny/Danny-gate have lingered in a most unexpected way:

There haven't been any pest problems at Ba Bar since the bottles were correctly capped with pour spouts. But the bartenders there learned something about fly behavior in the wake of the first manager's sloppy barkeeping. It turns out flies are especially fond of bourbon.

And now we transition from insects to anonymous creepy-crawlers. It's always dicey to engage with such entities, especially when they aren't all that clever. However unfortunately named lurker @pukerseattle resurfaced today and he (yes, he) actually makes a fair point: When not-really-anonymous Raskin says she gets good service, is that a statement that would safely apply to regular diners? Sounds like a topic for an upcoming review of the review.

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[Photo: Ba Bar/Facebook]

Ba Bar

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Ba Bar

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