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Bastille Bandits Target Wine, Toilet Paper, Employees

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Bastille (and Poquitos) owners James Weimann and Deming Maclise compiled a list of items "that people regularly steal or attempt to steal" from the Ballard bistro. Item number eight (hmmmm) could inspire a whole spinoff series of its own:

1) Toilet paper
2) Steak knives
3) Espresso/demitasse spoons
4) Espresso cups
5) Salt/pepper/ mustard caddies that sit on the tables
6) Fancy shot glasses (heavy bottomed, fluted shot glass)
7) Wine from the hallway by the bathrooms (one guy realized that he had been spotted stashing a bottle in his jacket and slipped into the women's restroom?needless to say, the hostess was waiting for him when he came out. He sheepishly handed the bottle back and she suggested that it may be time for him to call it a night. To which he agreed and she escorted him to the front door.)
8) And lastly, employees. Seriously.

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Bastille Cafe and Bar

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5307 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, WA