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What .75 Bathrooms Look Like in Ballard; Yowza, What a Closet

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This week's most excellent stories from our neighborhood-loving real estate-obsessed sister site, Curbed Seattle:

[Where We're Going, We Don't Need Walls]

BALLARDOh Ballard, you're usually such a nice place! Classy, refined, full of people who like both downtown and the water! Alas, every family has a crazy uncle, and so we bring you this bathroom. Wait, scratch that. This 3/4 of a bathroom. Separated from the basement by a shower curtain. But it's pink!

SHORELINEIt's not often we endorse a listing that's way up north and requires traveling on 99 to get downtown, but this house is truly a doozy. You want a sickeningly pretty closet, a pool, and a colonial pedigree, all wrapped up in 3,900 sq. ft. of prettiness and on the market for under $1 million? You got it, baby.

ON THE INTERWEBSThis week's Cruising Craigslist turned a little dangerous when we probed the storied site for the best knives and accessories it has to offer. We found some fun scabbards and daggers and stilettos and sharpeners, so if weirdly collecting weapons as decor is your thing we highly recommend you take a look.